Samuel Ortiz

M.S. Computer Science

E.U. citizen
41, rue du Jura
01220 Divonne-les-Bains
Phone: (+33) - 676 - 422 - 775

  • Strong knowledge and experience in Linux kernel and drivers, C and C++ languages.
  • Excellent embedded software knowledge.
  • Good fundamental mathematics background.
  • Excellent english, spanish and french communication skills.
From October 2006 Olivetti Engineering - Switzerland (Yverdon).
Linux Consultant.
  • Ported the Linux 2.6 kernel to Faraday FTWLAN220 (FA526, i.e. ARM9 core) evaluation board.
  • Implemented a Linux 2.4 USB device driver for Faraday's FOTG200.
  • Designed and implemented a framework for supporting USB composite devices under Linux 2.4.
May 2004 - October 2006 Nokia Oy - Finland (Helsinki).
Linux Kernel Engineer.
  • Member of the Nokia OSSO core software team (bootloader, kernel, toolchains and libraries), responsible for the Nokia 770 and N800 internet tablets.
  • Responsible for the whole WiFi kernelspace subsystem.
  • Designed and implemented all the low level 802.11 components for the 770 and the N800. This included:
    1. A 802.11 Linux 2.6 driver for Conexant's CX53111 (a.k.a CX3110x) embedded 802.11 b/g chip.
    2. A manufacturing Linux 2.6 driver for tuning the chip (Calibration, I/Q, RX tuning).
    3. Several applications needed e.g for communicating with the manufacturing driver.
    4. Maintaining a close and efficient relationship with Conexant's HW and SW engineering teams.
  • Implemented an SPI and a McBSP (serial buses) drivers for the OMAP1 and OMAP2 platforms.
  • Worked on various parts of the kernel: DMA code, OMAP2 camera, video sensors, etc...

December 2003 - April 2004 Fastcom Technology - Switzerland (Lausanne).
Embedded Software Engineer.

October 2002 - December 2003 Smartdata - Switzerland (Lausanne).
Embedded Linux Engineer.
  • Developed embedded Linux solutions using Bluetooth technology in order to communicate with mobile phones, keyboards, and all kind of Bluetooth devices.
  • Various designs and implementations on different embedded architectures:
    1. Designed and implemented a Linux video camera driver for the OMAP1510.
    2. Improved the standard Linux serial driver speed up to 920 kbits/s on the PPC405.
    3. Designed and Implemented the Zukero Audio core software on the STBx25.
  • Designed and implemented a Keyboard reporting API in order to cath and process every mobile phone keyboard events via Bluetooth.

May 2001-June 2002 Silicon Graphics Inc. - California.
Linux Kernel Enginner.
  • Core Linux Group engineer. Ported the Linux kernel to SGI's ccNUMA architecture (Altix servers). Worked specifically on the VM port
  • Implemented many patches in order to fix bugs or improve the Linux kernel's virtual memory perfomances on NUMA machines. Most of these patches have been integrated in the Linux Discontigous Memory Support project kernel patch.
  • Designed, implemented and maintained the VM part of the CpuMemSets. Basically, a CpuMemSet is a set of processors and memory banks assigned to every process. Each process is thus only allowed to run on its assigned cpus and to allocate memory from its assigned memory banks . A kernel patch and a user space library can be found on LSE. The CpuMemSets tree can be found on bitkeeper.

May 2000-September 2000 Rational Inc. - California.
Software Engineer.
  • Implemented a Citrix ICA virtual device, that allowed Rational customers to launch an application on a Citrix server, and to see it runs on their own desktop.
  • Defined and implemented a communication protocol between the virtual device on the server and the client-side software to fit Citrix architecture constraints and requirements.

June 2002 Master of Computer Science in major french engineering school
Ecole Nationale supérieure des Mines de Paris, ISIA
Graduated in June 2002. (Unknown ranking)

September 2001 Engineering degree in major french engineering school
Ecole Nationale supérieure des Mines de Saint-Etienne
Computer science major. Graduated with highest honors in top 3 in class of 120.

June 1997 Bachelor of Science specializing in fundamental mathematics
Université LYON-1
Graduated with highest honors in top 5 in class of 350.

Programming Strong knowledge in C and C++ languages.
Strong knowledge in UNIX low-level and system programming (Kernel, drivers, system...).
Strong knowledge in UNIX network programming.

Architectures and
Excellent knowledge of the following architecture: ARM
Good knowledge of the following architectures: PPC 32bits, MIPS 32 bits and x86.
Good knowledge of the following interfaces and protocols: 802.11, Bluetooth, IrDA (Infrared), USB, SPI, UART/Serial communication, MPEG2 System.

Systems Proficient with Linux (Distributions : Debian , Slackware, and Redhat).
Good knowledge of other UNIX systems : Solaris and IRIX.

Tools Proficient with the GNU development tools (make,gcc,diff,patch,gdb...) and with source control and revision tools (git, CVS, RCS, Bitkeeper, ClearCase...).
Proficient with Latex, Emacs...

French Bilingual, written and spoken.
Mother tongue language.

English Bilingual, written and spoken.

Spanish Bilingual, written and spoken.
2nd mother tongue language.

Football, apnea diving and soaring.
Open source projects participation : Linux-IrDA kernel maintainer, irda-utils maintainer, Debian maintainer.

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